My Story

Hi, I’m Scott McKinstry.

I’ve had a love affair with telling stories my whole life.

I grew up acting in every play I could  … I entertained restless crowds of teenagers with skits to pump up school spirit … told stories in award-winning speeches  … and I still tell stories in prose and in song. (You can check out my songwriting and fiction chops here.)

I even transformed my wedding into a story. Somehow, I convinced my wife to exchange vows in the community theater I grew up performing in … and I wrote a little skit around the actual marriage ceremony (even giving the minister a part as a singing angel.)

As a kid, I learned early on how to entertain an audience — when to pause, when to draw out an expression, when to switch gears fast in a speech when something wasn’t working.

Entertaining … persuading … that all came natural.

But the moment MONEY was thrown into the mix, I became MR. BORING:

I droned on and on and on … bombarding my listeners with facts …. logic …and long-winded explanations

(Guess that’s why I chose Philosophy as my major in college.)

Yep, I’m a “Recovering Explain-a-holic”.

But I quickly learned that in sales …

(… just like any kind of PERSUASION …)

… logic by itself doesn’t move men and women —

Emotion Does.

(Sorry, Mr. Spock.)

Sure, facts, logic, and reasons are important — but unless you can make your prospect FEEL something, any “BUZZ” around your product will be about as big as a mouse fart.

(Heck, even the great philosopher Aristotle admitted that emotion was stronger in swaying people — that’s why 2 out of his 3 persuasion tactics stroke the emotions.)

So when I became a direct response copywriter, I learned to shut my trap with all my yammering …

… and return to my roots in storytelling.

Because stories speak the RAW language of EMOTION.

So if you’ve got an excellent product you’re excited about …

… but you’re pulling your hair because you’re not being  heard (or believed) …

(as you compete for “head space” with every other biz, blogger, text, video)

… then maybe STORY is your solution to slicing through the noise .

If so, here’s how I can help:

1. Get a copy of Your Magnetic Sales Story. You’ll learn the basics of converting your sales message into a shareable story with a fill-in-the-blanks template.

2. Read through my “Story Sells” blog archives on You’ll pick up general principles and specific tactics you can start using today.

3. For personalized help, reach out to me here.

Let’s make marketing more fun, one story at a time.

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