Marketing + Stories == Fun and Profit

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In the headline above I proposed the following equation:

Marketing + Stories == Fun & Proft

Let me briefly explain (you can read my longer explanation here.)

Stories can help you profit because they are the fastest way to get our message into another person’s brain (until we invent telepathy machines).

Plus, stories don’t just get across information — they also lace that information with deep veins of emotion, emotions that trigger behaviors — like buying a product.

As the neureconomist Paul Zak says, our brains come equipped with a “story button”, not a “buy button.”

And stories are, well, plain good fun.

Why else do we plunk down billions of dollars a year to sit in a darkened room and watch flashes of light dance across a silver screen … or squint at tiny black squiggles on page after page (just to discover whether Harry Potter lives or dies) … or thumb a game controller until we’re ready to pass out?

Because stories are fun.

So maybe by putting stories to work in our marketing, we can make the world a little less boring every day.

And that sounds like a good thing.


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