Don’t overcook your verbal stew

In today’s Story Sells post, I write about using metaphors and other visual language to anchor your pitch in the five senses.

“His voiced boomed like a thunderclap”


“He had a loud voice”

But here’s a worry —

Should you sprinkle this sensory seasoning over everything?

Nah — unless you’re already writing this way, no point in over-thinking it.

Just bring out the flavor in one area  — the main benefit of your product.

If it’s speed, go with a speed metaphor — “Faster than a speeding bullet.” (I couldn’t resist)

If it’s more energy, go with that — “… like you just plugged into 10,000 volts of raw, crackling electricity.”

If it’s size, pick a physical comparison, like in the Schwartz piece I used in the post “both of your outstretched hands put together”

Then, if you feel warmed up, you can pepper a few more for your other benefits and features.